The 74 year old Pokemon Trainer

Gamification and videogames overlap with the mighty Pokemon Go!

This 74 year old Pokemon Master has used the game to transform his therapy into a fun and engaging life experience.

74-year old Spaniard Amadeo Busquets was diagnosed as a diabetic and was told by doctors that he needs to walk at least four kilometers a day. The trouble was, he found it incredibly boring…

Pokemon GO

It was then that he decided to find something that he could do whilst engaging in his daily exercise. The solution he came up with was to gamify his boring experience into an opportunity to enter the world of Pokemon GO.
As a result of his daily walks he was able to collect almost every available Pokemon and is the envy of most players. He easily defeats other is gym battles and has received nearly every gold medal available in the game.

He has also captured several rare Pokemon including Mew, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Lugia, and Gyarados.

Of his gaming achievements Busquets commented “I have a young person’s mind and that’s all.”.

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