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Are you interested in discovering more about using Gamificaton and Serious Games to create engaging real-life experiences? Me too!

Hi there. I’m Steven Markham and I became interested in Gamification and Serious Games whilst working at the University of Chester on the ‘Break Down or Break Out‘ project.Gamification avatar

I joined the project to assist with web design, logo and style designs and soon became interested in the process of using elements of games in real-life situations to create engaging experiences.

After this, I began reading what I could find about Gamification and started working with a Senior Academic colleague to develop learning games to engage Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Sadly for me (but fantastically for my colleague!), he left Chester for a Senior post in another University and our ideas had to be shelved.

I continued researching and learning about the subject and was fortunate to be involved in a European project named ‘Playing For Real’ which used Serious Games and Gamification to help Long-Term Unemployed across Europe. We did this by building capacity and empowerment whilst engaging with local communities in entrepreneurial ways.


Gamification Time

Since then, I’ve been gathering my thoughts and ideas on Gamification, Gameful Design and Serious Games which I will be sharing in this blog and on my Social Media accounts.

I passionately believe that there is great potential in applying the principles of gaming to real-life problems and situations and making this world a better place.

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