The MAGIC of Motivation

In the second part of this post about Motivation (PART ONE HERE), we’ll explore Intrinsic Motivation.


Intrinsic Motivation

This is where we do things for the sheer enjoyment of the task or the satisfaction we derive from doing it. In Self-Determination theory it is regarded as the purest form of motivation.

For the purposes of Gamification, I have developed my own model of intrinsic motivators and… its MAGIC!



Gamification TIme: Markham's MAGIC Intrinsic Motivators
Markham’s MAGIC Intrinsic Motivators



The need to meet and overcome challenges and to ‘master’ skills


The need to care for and help others

Greater Meaning

The need for legacy – to be part of something greater than oneself


The need for freedom and ability to make choices


The need to connect and socialize with others


In designing a gamified system we can use these motivators to develop our design. We may use just some or sometimes all of these motivators.

Each will have differing appeal to the individual player; some people prize their independence above all else, others have a strong need to socialize.

This is where ‘player types’ come in and determining the make-up of your target audience of players is vital when building gamification solutions.