Gamification Guru Power 100 no.27!

Metal (Gamification) Guru

Today sees the publication of the Rise Global ‘Gamification Gurus Power 100‘. Although I have mixed feelings about Leaderboards, there’s something undeniably intoxicating about being added to and then being positioned on the list.

Gamification Gurus Power 100 - Gamification Time 27th!

Having reached the heady position of 27th on the list for November 2017 (and improving on my last month position), I have encountered an unexpected side effect of this status: My positioning gives me a vote on the Annual Awards which will be presented at Gamification Europe, held this year in Brighton on November 27th.

Not only that, my vote is also weighted by my Guru Score which gives me reasonable punching power without breaking my fingers.

And this is the BEST part of it!

I can now cast my votes for the people and projects I have admired and appreciated and give a little reward to those who are making the world or Gamification and the world in general, a better place.

I always think that the best thing about the Power 100 is that it gives you a list of names from the world of Gamification; Thought Leaders who you can check out and discover what they are writing or saying on the topic.

It also gives me a lift to see names like Kevin Werbach, Gabe Zichermann, Sylvester Arnab and Andrzej Marczewski – people who have directly inspired me and whose work I greatly admire.


Its all about community, love and sharing

What the Gamification Gurus list really does goes beyond a Leaderboard. It has created a community space, a place where those with shared interests can gather (I nearly used the term ‘like-minded’ but we’re not – as in all academia and learning pursuits, there are wide varieties of theory and opinions, which is as it should be).

It is as a community that knowledge and learning moves forward. However, the sharing of information and techniques is a difficult choice.

I know that I have been ripped off – and more than once – when discussing my ideas in the past at my workplace and elsewhere. It makes me reluctant to put forward new ideas and guilty when I use knowledge gained elsewhere (which, when you think about it, is nearly ALL knowledge you have ever gained!). Suffering from depression and social anxiety doesn’t help much either.

It’s a difficult one to get through. 

But – if you look around a little you will see many examples of people ‘giving away’ their ideas, theories and even content and prospering because of it! You can find free ebooks, courses, software and videos and a lot of it of the very best quality. But why? Why give away the content you have worked so hard to create?

Because, the things we share freely become powerful ways to build our brands and reputations.

Because we want our subject to advance and expand and we cannot do this alone.


So thanks to all the Gurus who care and share – I’ve voted for a few of you and it feels good.



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